Top Accounting Software in the Philippines

Top Accounting Software in the Philippines

Digital or cloud accounting can save time and money, both of which are hot commodities for businesses and self-employed professionals. Finding the right software for your business can be a long process as there are many options. Here, we’ve outline some of the top accounting software in the Philippines.

Sage One

Sage is great for the business owner that values efficiency. It’s great for quickly categorizing expenses and income. Sage One also has a feature to automatically generate reports for accounting and payments against invoices. It can also send invoices to customers, send payment reminders, accept payments through PayPal, and manage tasks between collaborating parties. It’s entirely cloud-based, so it works anywhere with an internet connection.


Wave is a fairly basic accounting software that has a few more advanced features. It’s great for small businesses that need to integrate their payroll or link to a PayPal account. Wave is also a free software, so it’s great for those who need to cut costs. However, the free software does mean that you will have to deal some advertisements, mostly from other tech companies.


One of the best features of FreshBooks is its portability. It’s fully accessible from a mobile device like a laptop, as well as on a desktop. It also has a wide variety of features that can be linked together. These include expense management, invoice tools, and bank account integration. It’s also known for having an easy to us and intuitive interface, as well as a data encryption service for maximum security. Your data is also automatically backed up on secure servers for safety.

AccountEdge Pro

AccountEdge Pro offers quite a few features that would be useful to business owners. Some of the most popular are quote and invoicing tools, integrated banking, time tracking and payroll, inventory, and e-commerce tools like purchase orders. AccountEdge Pro allows you to track purchases, inventory, orders, invoices, and sales all in real time. It can also be integrated with Shopify for e-commerce purposes. Inventory can be integrated across the platforms so you can download orders to the AccountEdge Pro account.

GoDaddy Bookkeeping

GoDaddy Bookkeeping was known as Outright until 2012 when it was bought by GoDaddy who then changed the name. It’s designed to help business owners without prior accounting experience streamline all of their numbers and bookkeeping tasks. One huge advantage to using GoDaddy Bookkeeping is that it can be fully integrated with sites like Amazon E-Bay, Etsy, and other e-commerce interfaces. It also has a software feature to help you file taxes without errors.


QuickBooks is great for a few different tasks. These are things like generating invoices, tracking expenses and sales, downloading bank transactions, and doing your accounting on the go. It works on any mobile devices as well as a traditional desktop. You can also use QuickBooks to export your data to Microsoft Excel and print checks. QuickBooks also has a suite of services specifically designed for the needs of small businesses, and all for a reasonable price.


Xero is another accounting software that offers live information tracking. It also has a innovatinve and easy to use dashboard that makes viewing you banking information (account balances, bills, invoices, expenses, etc.) a piece of cake. It’s also well suited to collaboration between employees. The live viewing of records makes it easy to know exactly what’s going on with your financials at any time.


Kashoo is an entirely cloud based accounting system that can be accessed from any mobile device or web browser. It uses double-entry accounting for security with financial statements and bank processing. Kashoo also has a live feed of your financial records including a categorizable dashboard. You can also customize the set-up so see only what you want to on the dashboard.


There are plenty of options when it comes to picking an accounting software in the Philippines. Knowing what your business needs are is the first step to picking the right software for your company. Knowing what each of your options offers will help you make an educated decision. Analyzing your financial data can be an overwhelming task, but it is still a necessary one. Using an accounting software is key to reducing the manpower needed for the task.

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