Web development tips: how to improve the quality of your website

Web development tips: how to improve the quality of your website

Not only that: as a web developer you will have to pay attention to other aspects such as the User Interface, the User Experience, navigation and, above all, the quality of the content.

Reduce the size of your images
To begin with, start reducing the size of your images. This will speed up your site, and a fast site can help you win every race in your industry.

You can reduce the size of images but also of videos, widgets and the page itself . In short, the more minimal you are, the faster the loading will be. Use Jpeg and WebP formats, you won’t regret it.

Code your site and make it responsive
Being responsive is a must, we don’t have to worry about that. Making the site mobile friendly is not a surplus, it means making it 100% compatible for every situation.

You can test the site on Google’s mobile Website Auditor to see if the site works well on mobile. You will be able to check the readability, the configuration, the quantity of clickable elements and much more.

Of course, making your site responsive by consulting an SEO expert can give you a big hand. SEO and voice optimization are crucial strategies for developing the quality of a website.

Empty the Cache
Data takes up space. Emptying the cache from time to time is a must to make the site smooth and easy to navigate .

Make sure this feature improves your site and increases speed. Just do a check from time to time.

Choose a reliable hosting
If you think every detail has been taken care of and the site isn’t working as it should, then you will need to check if the hosting is working well.

Dedicated hosting can solve many problems in this regard, improving the loading speed.

A CDN can help
The so-called Content Delivery Network (CDN) is a system that uses external servers to upload sites and other web content to a specific area .

Specifically, it is a method of taking certain elements such as documents, photos or Java designs and placing them “closer” to the physical area of ​​the customers. The closer you are, the sooner you arrive!

What are you waiting for? Remove the superfluous and make your site snappy!

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